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That's So White

The sticker project grew out of my personal, as well as some of my peer’s, tendency to be oblivious of whiteness despite its continuous presence.


The more prevalent something is the less we notice it or even consider its presence or influence. Such is the case with whiteness. It has become so common that most white people do not even consider it distinctive. In fact, we often have trouble coming up with a definition of whiteness. The challenge of the ‘That’s So White’ sticker project is to make visible what is ‘whiteness’ with the hope that if we acknowledge and label whiteness as a distinctive cultural bias, rather than a universal norm, the oppressive nature of whiteness in our society will be weakened.


The goal of this project is not to claim the world for the white race, but to draw attention to the assumptions already being made, the stereotypes already being promoted and the narrowness already being propagated. As we draw attention to these stereotypes, they lose their restrictive power, and bridges are built.

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