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I am a fiber and performance-based sculpture artist and art administrator. I received my MFA in Community Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a BA in studio art from Wheaton College. I develop a visual language to illuminate and stimulate dialogue around themes of motherhood, race, community, power, and white privilege. I am a Hamiltonian Fellowship Alumni, 2018 Daily Record 40 under 40 VIP awardee, and Sondheim Prize 2014 semi-finalist. 

The relationship between resiliency and resistance in my life inspires my work. In times of uncertainty and change in my personal experiences, such as becoming a mother or moving to a new city, my art making is my way of understanding. The internal struggle, at times, even agony, of adjusting to change pushes me to create and builds my resiliency. When I can come with vulnerability to my artmaking process to explore issues such as motherhood, racism, and femininity, I make work a form of therapy that becomes a tool of resistance. 





Nora Howell

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