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A Collaborative Art Project 

Learn. Reflect. Create.

You are invited to contribute a ribbon to a collaborative sculpture that promotes unpacking white privilege. All supplies provided via domestic shipping.


For me personally, the challenge of reading about whiteness, white supremacy, and systemic racism is to earnestly reflect on my role in the system and avoid defensiveness, avoidance, denial of my actions, and thoughts.

I am inviting other people to join me in the intentional process of working through unlearning white supremacy and building a most just world. This is a project about personal growth and a community of people learning together. Please join us!


- Nora (more about me here)

About the project:




Read or listen to a book/podcast that expands your understanding of white supremacy. Suggested reading list below.

While engaging in text/podcast reflect on your personal experience with the culture of white supremacy in the United States of America. Lean into the feelings and re-evaluate personal experiences.

Write out your reflections, thoughts, musings on the provided ribbon. Send your ribbon back to the artist to be included in collaborative sculpture made of dozens of ribbons. Watch this video to learn about how to make your ribbon! Ribbons must be returned by 11/1/2021.

Suggested Learning List



This Land, by Crooked Media


1619 Project, by The New York Times


Uncivil, by Gimlet Media


Black History Year, by Pushblack




A Black Women's History of the United States, by Daina Ramey Berry and Kali N. Gross


An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States, by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz


The Fire Next Time, by James Baldwin


So You Want to be Less Stupid About Race, by Crystal Marie Fleming

Participation Guidelines

  • Anyone can contribute who is willing to earnestly and honestly evaluate the system of white supremacy in the USA and their person.

  • White women are encouraged to participate and assess their role in systems of white privilege.

  • Must use materials provided by the artist and returned by November 1, 2021 the deadline to be included in the final sculpture.

  • Recommended reading list provided.

  • Participants can pick their own text/podcast/article as long as it meets the project's goals to critically analyze and reflect one's personal experience, role, and/or the impact of white privilege, white supremacy, and whiteness within the United States of America or their person. Artists reserves the right not to include returned ribbons if it does not meet the project's guidelines and goals.

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